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The ache for home lives in us all.

It’s our safe place, where we can be as we are.

But it’s more than a location.

It’s the faces, the feeling and the familiar.

It’s the security, support and strength.

Home is where we find heart for what really matters.


There’s real peace of mind in knowing your loved one is getting the very best care from experienced fully registered nurses.


When you’re at your weakest, the familiar surroundings of home give you strength. That’s why we created Homefelt Private Nursing. 



We offer tailored medical care by a dedicated team of experienced registered nurses. What’s more, we match that experience to individual patient needs and illnesses. 



When you need acute hospital level nursing for any illness,Homefelt Private Nursing can provide it in your own home.

It’s the medical care you need, in the place you’d rather be.