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Every registered nurse wants to give their patients the very best medical care. But some times the hospital environment can make that difficult. The sights and sounds, the comings and goings… they can be unnerving. They can make a patient feel even more uncomfortable.

When you’re at your weakest, the familiar surroundings of home give you strength. That’s why we created Homefelt Private Nursing. 

We deliver acute, hospital level nursing care by fully registered nurses in your own home. For all ages and for all illnesses, from 12 hour care to 24 hour care, we’ll create an individual nursing plan to ensure you get the very best medical treatment in the place you most want to be.

The best quality medical care tailored to your specific needs and delivered to make every day the best it can be for you and your family. 

At Homefelt we believe when you feel better, everything feels better.

Our promise:

The best quality medical nursing care, every day, in your own home.

A collaborative nursing care plan that’s unique to you.

Nursing care that puts your respect and dignity first.  Always.

The care you need to live a better lifestyle at home.

A holistic approach to our patient’s and their family’s physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs.