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We offer tailored medical care by a dedicated team of experienced registered nurses. What’s more, we match that experience to individual patient needs and illnesses. It results in a bespoke care plan for each and every patient.

What often begins with a simple phone call is always followed up with an in-home patient assessment and family visit. During this we carefully assess the level of nursing care required and personal needs of the patient. We’re also there to answer questions face-to-face and help family members understand how we can help. 

When patient needs have been assessed we create a nursing prescription that is designed to evolve as their needs change over time. It’s a plan of care with goals and outcomes that are fully measurable. It also ensures our patients independence and choices are maximised. We call it the Homefelt Collaborative Care Plan because we agree it with the patient, their family and their existing multidisciplinary team of doctors, community nurses, social workers, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals. In doing this we give the patient and their family greater peace of mind, with one central point of contact for everything.


Expert Nursing Care

Whether it’s ongoing care for oncology patients, Parkinson’s disease,respiratory illness or those suffering from severe arthritis; or rehabilitative care following a stroke, injury or physical disability, Homefelt can provdie the expert treatment you need in the comfort of your own home. 

  • From 12 to 24 hour care, 365 days a year
  • Home nursing for all ages
  • Overnight and sleepover care
  • Palliative care
  • For mother’s and babies???
  • Respite care
  • Convalescent care
  • Specialised nursing care

When you’re giving the very best care in their own home, you know you’re helping patients and their loved ones find light in what can feel like the darkest moments.


Empathetic Palliative Nursing Care

Palliative care aims to make the best quality of life available for individuals suffering terminal diseases and illnesses, as a form of support alongside medical care and treatment. At Homefelt, we strive to deliver it in ways that help our patients and their loved ones enjoy the best of every day.


Respite Nursing Care & Convalescent Care

We understand how difficult it can be for families or friends providing ongoing care. It’s important to occasionally find time for yourself. Our respite nursing services provide cover for that crucial break. It offers family carers the chance to do daily chores, go on holiday or simply have some well-earned time off. 

We also provide convalescent nursing care to help patients fully recuperate after a stay in hospital. The support of a Homefelt registered nurse gives the extra medical care you need to get your strength back in the comfort of your own home.